It is important to have all mechanical work done before scheduling a full tune. This way your vehicle is in prime condition to receive maximum results. The spec sheet below is available to be printed and filled out prior to your appointment. This is only required for full tune appointments. Remember, the more information we have about your vehicle, the better.

Full Dyno Tune

A full tune is for vehicles that have undergone performance upgrades such as; a camshaft swap, long tube headers and exhaust, Cold-air intake kit, or any kind of forced induction . This process entails strapping the vehicle down on the chassis dyno to tune and optimize the performance for that configuration, followed by street driving for a complete and thorough calibration. A dyno graph printout will be provided after the service showing the horsepower and torque values of the final product.


A re-flash (sometimes referred to as a "Street Tune" or "Parking Lot Tune") is for vehicles with little to no performance modifications and does not require any time on the chassis dyno. By plugging into the engine computer, adjustments can be made to the OEM files. These adjustments include modifying shift points or speed limiters, correcting the speedometer for a new gear ratio, or turning off check engine light warnings. As with a full tune, a street test drive is then performed to verify that changes made are functional and appropriate.

$150 per hour

When additional performance upgrades are installed any time after a HPT full tune, a re-tune is required to return the vehicle to it's optimum performance level. HPT will make those adjustments to the original tune as part of ongoing support.

Dyno Time - By the Hour

For those that want to do their own tuning, or have a car we aren't set-up to tune, like carbureted vehicles, we rent dyno time at $150 per hour. We will provide assistance with running the car on the dyno as well as show you your air-fuel ratio as you make changes. Once done, you will receive printouts of your power and torque values.

dyno session.jpg
Dyno Time - Two Pulls

Dyno Pulls are simply a run on the chassis dyno to provide horsepower and torque measurement. This does not involve any tuning, and is available for any two wheel drive vehicle. Pulls are a great way to see just where your vehicle is at performance wise, and can indicate where more horsepower can be derived from.